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International Cooperation

 The Faculty of Forestry and Wood Technology (FFWT) has been involved with a number of international programmes since its establishment. A significant turning point was reached in the mid-1990s, as the quantity and quality of contacts with developed European countries greatly increased at that time. 

The best-known and widest-ranging international activity is in the European Union's Lifelong Learning Programme/Erasmus. The FFWT has been involved in this programme since 1997/1998. This programme intermediates exchanges involving students and university faculty members within the EU. Students and academic staff presently can choose among 79 partnership universities from 23 countries. 

The FFWT has been using the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) since 1996/1997, and lectures in various subjects in the fields of forestry, landscape architecture, wood processing, and furniture production have been delivered in English since 2000/2001. We presently offer 54 courses fully in English throughout the entire academic year. Since September 2009, we have been offering fully a two-year MSc degree programme in European Forestry in English. We are proud to provide not only theoretical and practical instruction in English but also a strikingly large number of attractive field excursions and visits. 

Bilateral agreements both within and outside of the EU (in the USA, Japan, Republic of South Africa, Columbia, Mexico and others) have been concluded that provide scholarships and research projects to students. The Faculty also participates in such international programmes as CEEPUS, IUFRO, IDRISI, Aktion, Fulbright, and others. Government grants also support international students in the Bachelor's, Master's and PhD programmes.


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