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Landscape Engineering

Courses of study: Biotechnical Landscape Management and Integrated Landscape Land Use Planning

The programme covers areas such as land use, conservation and management of the landscape as a whole. It includes landscape development and land use planning in the sense of sustainable development of agriculture and forestry, land delimitation, land consolidation, production systems in agriculture and forestry in relation to the landscape ecological stability, waste management, recreation and sport activities in a landscape, nature and landscape conservation, management of soil systems, gene pool and protected areas and their management, assessment of human impact on the landscape, management of the territorial systems of ecological stability, water management, landscaping, reclamation and revitalization of the environment. Graduates will be able to work in a variety of expert positions in various state and private institutions, non-governmental and other organizations. Landscape engineering is subject to accreditation which gives its holder the right to conduct business and entrepreneurial activities as an authorized engineer and constructor in the field of the Water Management and Landscape Engineering Constructions and the Constructions Fulfilling the Forest Functions.

The programme is taught in Czech, and it is also open to students from abroad who received a Czech government scholarship.