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Wood Technology Engineering

During the programme students will learn about wood as a material, woodworking and machine construction. The programme focuses on designing the technology sets for basic production (sawn timber, wood veneers, large scale composite materials, hydrothermal treatment of wood and drying) and subsequent production (cabinet making, special wood products, wooden structures and building parts). In addition students will study various economic disciplines, management, logistics, and business. Optional courses include automation of production systems, the finite element method (FEM), computational procedures, machine construction and design, CNC machines. The aim of the programme is to prepare students for managerial, organizational and technical positions in both the state owned and private business organizations in the sector of wood processing, woodworking, furniture making, wooden structures and wooden building parts, as well as trading and design companies, focusing on designing the furniture and wood technology sets, product design (including material, construction, and variants of the products) and product marketing. Last but not least, wood science engineers preserve old values we inherited from our ancestors, as well as produce new ones. The programme is taught in Czech, and it is also open to students from abroad who received a Czech government scholarship.