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Students will gain insight into landscape management, especially in the area of water management, building construction, GIS data processing, geodesy, economics, and environmental legislation. The programme produces highly skilled graduates capable of applying their knowledge within various construction and biological agencies, as well as in the field of landscape conservation and management. Graduates will be able to work in a variety of positions in both state and private institutions, non-governmental and other organizations in the sector of landscape management. Landscaping is subject to accreditation which gives its holder the right to conduct business and entrepreneurial activities as an authorized engineer and constructor in the field of the Water Management and Landscape Engineering Constructions and the Constructions Fulfilling the Forest Functions. Bachelor graduates can take the above mention accredited positions also within corporate bodies. They can become authorized to prepare project documentation under the supervision of an authorized engineer, and to perform independent construction management.

The programme is taught in Czech, and it is also open to students from abroad who received a Czech government scholarship.

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