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Wood Technology

The programme covers areas such as product designing, production process, production control, and product placement in the area of consumption and housing. The aim of the programme is to develop a new way of thinking needed for an interdisciplinary approach to the issues studied and for the application of the latest findings in the related fields of science. During the programme, theoretical and practical aspects are closely linked and demonstrated in well-equipped laboratories, workrooms and testing rooms. Graduates will be able to work as technical specialists involved in the management of various wood processing companies, in which wood as a renewable resource is treated in accordance with the ecological knowledge and the requirements of sustainable development. Graduates will be equipped for careers in management, manufacture, trade, and administration within wood processing companies, as well as in primary production, joinery, manufacture of wooden houses, interior furniture, selling consultancy within the wood industry or other sectors. They can pursue career paths in a wide variety of both public and private companies, as a self-employed businessmen, or in the area of education.

The programme is taught in Czech, and it is also open to students from abroad who received a Czech government scholarship.

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