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We offer in English language in master degree these programs:

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DEADLINE: March 31, 2018


English level at least B2

Completed Bachelor degree in forestry-related fields - validated

How to apply

European forestry

The two-year MSc program in European Forestry is interesting in both its forms and content. It consists of lectures, field and laboratory exercises, discussion seminars, projects and excursions. The whole program is taught in English. It focuses not only on traditional forestry, but also on a number of topics related to ecology, nature conservation, and sustainable development, with particular emphasis on the latest progressive trends.

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Forestry and Landscape Management

A unique joint-degree master-level study programme, accredited in the Czech Republic and Finland, focused on interconnection of forestry and landscape management. Students of this programme spend a part of their studies on the partner university, with the financial support of the ErasmusPlus. This programme prepares the graduates for carriers abroad as well as in their home country, with a strong emphasis on internationality.

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Documents (only in Czech)

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Zpráva o průběhu přijímacího řízení 2022-202321. 11. 202221. 11. 2022 08:28:11  
Podmínky pro přijetí uchazečů o studium ve SP na LDF 2023/202401. 11. 202201. 11. 2022 12:35:29  
Ubytování - Informace pro studenty budoucích 1. ročníků.pdf29. 05. 202013. 06. 2022 09:30:51  
Žádost o náhradní termín zápisu z důvodu nesložení maturitní zkoušky18. 06. 202018. 06. 2020 10:28:16  

Sample test

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Vzorový test_MAT05. 09. 201709. 04. 2018 10:09:11  
MATEMATIKA - příklady pro přijímací zkoušky04. 09. 201709. 04. 2018 10:09:27  
Vzorový test_AJ04. 12. 201509. 04. 2018 10:09:38  Vzorovy_test_Anglictina_LDF_ZS_2016-2017.pdf  
Vzorový test_BI04. 12. 201509. 04. 2018 10:09:49  Vzorovy_test_Biologie_LDF_ZS_2016-2017.pdf  
Vzorový test_EUFO04. 12. 201509. 04. 2018 10:09:59  Test_preview_EUFO_LDF_ZS_2016-2017.pdf  
Vzorový test_Fyzika04. 12. 201509. 04. 2018 10:10:37  Vzorovy_test_fyzika_2016_2017.pdf